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Laine Genna Designs SEO Client rankings: Updated 9/2/08

Dr. Vincent Gaffney, DCH:
Website: www.myhypnosiscoach.com

Keywords: stop smoking through hypno-coaching
Ranked #1, 2 & 8 out of 11,400 on GOOGLE

Keywords: play better golf through hypno-coaching
Ranked #1 & 2 out of 36 on GOOGLE

Keywords: achieve wealth and abundance through hypno-coaching
Ranked #1 & 2 out of 10 on GOOGLE

Keywords: lose weight through hypno-coaching
Ranked #1 & 2 out of 462 on GOOGLE

Keywords: hypno-coaching
Ranked #4 out of 11,400 on GOOGLE

Dr. Vincent Gaffney, DCH:
Website: www.consultant4hypnosis.com

Keywords:goal achievement through self-hypnosis
Ranked #2 out of 14,600 on GOOGLE

Keywords: public speaking through self-hypnosis
Ranked #7 out of 58,900 on GOOGLE

Keywords:stress management through self-hypnosis
Ranked #8 out of 417,000 on GOOGLE

Keywords:overcome procrastination through self-hypnosis
Ranked #8 out of 23,900 on GOOGLE!

Dr. David Sims DDS:
Website: www.davidsimsdds.com

Keywords:endodontics Huntington NY
Ranked #3 & 4 out of 6,900 on GOOGLE

Keywords:Zoom Whitening Huntington NY
Ranked #1 & 2 out of 4,720 on GOOGLE

Keywords:dental implants Huntington NY
Ranked #6 out of 30,560 on GOOGLE

Keywords:restorative dentistry huntington ny
Ranked #2 & 3 out of 5,730 on GOOGLE!

Keywords:sleep and snoring devices huntington ny
Ranked #1 & 2 out of 6,180 on GOOGLE!

Laine Genna Designs--NY Website Development--optimizes your website following all Google standards.

What is the point of having a website if no one can find you with relative ease? The way to market your web site is through Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Some of the top search engines are Google, Yahoo, AOL, AllTheWeb, MSN, Ask Jeeves & HotBot to name a few. Your website must be submitted to all the major search engines which is a very time consuming process.

Major search engines develop a database of web sites that help people find information they are looking for on the Internet by typing in a keyword or keyword phrase in the browsers search box whether it be yahoo, google, safari or etc.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires studying search engines to help determine how to get your website listed and get it ranked higher than other websites.

When properly optimizing your website, keywords or keyword phrases are skillfully placed within the content of your web page representing the information being search for by your visitor. Title tags, and Meta Description tags should be properly worded and coded into your website as well. A site map of your website is then created and your website is submitted to all major search engines.

There are two ways to direct visitors to your website through Search Engine Optimization:

Organic Search Engine Optimization (natural): Organic results are free and are the list of sites that are displayed when a user searches a specific keyword, or keyword phrase.

Pay Per Click (PPC): The pay per click websites are the top two or three websites listed above all the organic websites. PPC websites are paid advertisements for a specific keyword or keyword phrase. Clients set a budget and pay every time their website is visited when advertised first on the page.

There are many levels of optimization offered at Laine Genna Designs--NY Website Development, all depending on the goals you hope to achieve. Laine Genna Designs--NY Website Development, works with visibility professionals and walks you throughout the entire optimization process, tweaking content to sync with keywords, optimizing each and every page of your website.

Submit Your Website to all Major Search Engines:
AlltheWeb, Altavista, AOL, ExactSeek, Google, Jayde, MSN, ScrubtheWeb, Yahoo and More

Search Engine Optimization Prices:
LaineGenna Designs--NY Website Development--will help get you ranked where you want to be.
$125.00 per page
Monthly fees apply and vary depending on site size


  • Submission of your URL to all major browsers including:

    • AlltheWeb
    • Altavista
    • AOL
    • ExactSeek
    • Excite
    • Google
    • Jayde
    • Lycos
    • MSN
    • Netscape
    • ScrubtheWeb
    • Yahoo

  • Monthly reports and SEO maintenance.

If you have a website that needs to be optimized, contact LaineGenna Designs today.

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